New Family Information Guide

We are thrilled you have joined the Oakridge Family!  Between now and August, you may have questions. This will give you a head start.

Our Administrative Team, especially our Division Heads and/or their assistants, are happy to help answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 817.451.4994.


Administrative Team

Jon Kellam, Head of School                                                            ext. 2782

Sarah Kramer, Assistant Head of School                                       ext. 2711


Jim Andersen, Associate Head of Upper School (gr. 9-12)           ext. 2739

Kathy Gamill, Chief Financial Officer                                              ext. 2735

Betty Garton, Director of Early Childhood Center (gr. PS-K)        ext. 2716

Jim Andersen, Head of Upper School (gr. 9-12)                             ext. 2728

Lori Lane, Assistant Head of Middle School (gr. 5-8)                    ext. 2726

David Languell, Director of Facilities                                              ext. 2705

Lauren Matocha, Director of Development                                     ext. 2742

Shawn Meadows, Athletic Director                                                  ext. 2642

Reda Petraitis, Assistant Athletic Director                                     ext. 2788

Britt Robinson, Head of Middle School (gr. 5-8)                             ext. 2724

Sarah Schecter, Head of Lower School (gr. 1-4)                             ext. 2720

Michelle Vaughn, Director of Technology & Modern Learning     ext. 2740

Amy Wilson’92, Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations       ext. 2708

 Administrative Assistants

   Louise Johnson, Head of School Assistant                                     ext. 2786

   Daphne McCleery, Admissions Department Assistant                   ext. 2794

   Debbie Worlow, ECC Divisional Assistant                                       ext 2715

   Sylvia Kapphahn, Lower School Divisional Assistant                    ext. 2719

   Beth Wetzel, Middle School Divisional Assistant                           ext. 2723

   Michelle Emmert, Upper School Divisional Assistant                    ext. 2727


2018-2019 Oakridge Parent Ambassadors    
Fran Lyons  817.821.6111
ECC - Marissa Farhat 214.502.5525
LS - Krista Robinson 817.933.8561
MS - Angela Redding 817.944.6709
US - Syn Snyder 817.371.1650

Oakridge Acronyms

·         ECC - Early Childhood Center: Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

·         FAPH - Fine Arts Performance Hall

·         ISAS - Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (our accrediting body)

·         LHMS - Lower House Middle School, grades 5-6

·         LS - Lower School, grades 1-4

·         MAC - Multi-Purpose Activity Center Gym in Lower School

·         MS - Middle School, grades 5-8

·         NAIS - National Association of Independent Schools

·         OAC - Oakridge Athletic Complex

·         OPC - Oakridge Parents’ Club

·         SAC - Student Activity Center: Main Gym/Cafeteria

·         SPC - Southwest Preparatory Conference (Upper School Athletic Conference)

·         SSA - Super Supper & Auction

·         UHMS - Upper House Middle School, grades 7-8

·         US - Upper School, grades 9 - 12


We realize that summer can be busy with camps and travel, so we have several events scheduled in August that we want to make you aware of now. 

Back to School Fair and Family Picnic
Save the date for the Back to School Fair and Family Picnic on Saturday, August 18, from 9:00-11:00am. Early Childhood Center (ECC) teachers will mail a letter and Lower School (LS) teachers will call students a few days prior to this event to welcome them to their class. This will be the first opportunity for your child to visit his or her new classroom. Middle School (MS) and Upper School (US) students will have their schedules by this time, and they can tour the campus to see their classrooms.       

ECC/LS Open House and Meet the Teacher                         9:00-9:45am

5th Grade Orientation                                                             9:00-10:00am

Middle School New Student Orientation (Grades 6-8)        10:00-11:00am


**Monday, August 20 Upper School New Student Orientation (Grades 9-12)  1:30-3:00pm                              


In addition to meeting teachers and visiting classrooms, the Back to School Fair and Family Picnic provides a one-stop experience for many of the necessary back to school to-do's.  You can turn in paperwork, buy spirit wear, join the Oakridge Parents' Club or The Owl Booster Club, sign up for extended care and after-school programs, register for bus transportation, and much more.  The picnic provides a great opportunity to meet other Oakridge families and faculty. 

New Parents' Welcome Dinner

Another important event you will want to attend is the New Parents’ Welcome Dinner on Monday, August 20, from 6:30-8:15pm.  The New Parent Dinner is a wonderful opportunity for you to hear about the school from individuals who know it best: our Division Heads and Administrative Team.  In addition, Board of Regents members, OPC Parent Ambassadors, the President of the Parents’ Club, the President of The Owl Club, and many other representatives will introduce you to the school and answer questions.

Parent Information Night(s)

Divisional Parent Information Nights are informative evenings for parents to learn specific divisional information: the curriculum, the grading system, any outside reading/math requirements, how your child is expected to organize his/her binder, etc.  

Each division has a designated Parent Information Night so that families with students in more than one division will not have scheduling conflicts. If you have students in different grades within the same division, you may want to have another parent or guardian attend with you so that you do not miss the classroom portion of the night for either child.


ECC (PS - K) Parent Orientation Night                      Tuesday, August 28                  6:30-8:00pm

Lower School (1 - 4) Parent Orientation Night          Thursday, August 23                7:00-8:30pm

Middle School (5 - 8) Parent Orientation Night         Wednesday, August 29            6:30-8:00pm

Upper School (9 - 12) Parent Orientation Night        Monday, August 27                  7:00-9:00pm

Gr. 12 Parents Meeting with College Advising         Monday, August 27                  6:00-7:00pm


Getting Involved at The Oakridge School

Oakridge Parents’ Club

The purpose of The Oakridge Parents' Club (OPC) is to assist the faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Regents in providing for the educational enrichment of the students, to promote the fellowship of the families and staff of The Oakridge School, and to raise funds to accomplish these objectives. Your membership benefits your children throughout the year. The Oakridge Parents' Club needs the energy and input of volunteers. We hope you will volunteer your time and talents for one of the many Parents' Club sponsored fundraisers and events.   Visit the Oakridge Parents’ Club page on the Oakridge website for more information on the Parents’ Club, to join the Parents’ Club and/or to register as a volunteer.


Getting Involved at The Oakridge School (continued)

The Owl Club

The Owl Club’s mission is to promote school spirit, character development, and the physical well-being of our students through financial and other forms of support for physical education and athletic programs in every division. The Owl Club raises money through memberships, concession sales and through merchandise sales from the Spirit Store. The Spirit Store is located on the main campus next to the Library and is open throughout the year. Our online store is always open at  Additionally, merchandise will be on sale at select events like the Back-to-School Picnic and home varsity football games. Proceeds from these sales are used to purchase needed equipment and necessities for our athletic teams and physical education programs. The largest fundraising opportunity comes in the spring, in the form of our annual Oakridge Golf Classic. The Owl Club also provides food, volunteers and/or support for athletic events, dinners for our teams traveling to out of town games, dinner for officials for all the home football games, and three (3) Athletic Awards Banquets – fall, winter and spring each year, to honor the participating student athletes.




After School Programs and Extended Care (Owls’ Nest)

At The Oakridge School, school days do not end when classes are over. Each division has Extended Day Programming and childcare, where appropriate, to meet the needs and wants of our families before and after school. Visit and choose the divisional page(s) appropriate for your child.  On the divisional page, you will find detailed information about the classes offered and the online registration link. 

For families with children in multiple divisions or students who ride a bus, we offer a no cost service called Kids’ Korner. This service allows parents to come for one convenient carpool time for all children (this does not include waiting for a sibling to get out of an enrichment program or sporting event).  ECC Kids’ Korner is offered daily 2:30/2:45 PM – 3:15 PM for families waiting on a Lower School sibling and from 2:30/2:45PM – 4:00PM for families waiting on a Middle or Upper School sibling. Lower School Kids’ Korner is offered daily from 3:00 PM – 4:00PM.

For more information on after school programs, contact the Extended Day Programs Coordinator, Brooke Savells, at 817.563.9614 or via email at


Annual Fund

The Oakridge School Annual Fund is the major fundraising priority of our school.  The Annual Fund is instrumental in covering the gap between the tuition dollars received and the school’s operating expenses.  All monetary gifts to the Annual Fund from parents, school faculty, Board of Regents, alumni and other Oakridge friends cover this difference each year, and unlike tuition, offer a tax-deductible opportunity to support our school. With 100% faculty/staff participation for the last several years, it is our continued goal to have 100% parent participation. For more information, please contact the Development Office or visit



Athletic events are great fun for the entire family and provide opportunities for additional social interaction. Information on all athletic activities and competitions are on the Oakridge website under “Athletics” and posted on the all-school calendar online.


Bus Transportation

Oakridge offers transportation service to the Colleyville/Mid-Cities, Cedar Hill/DeSoto/Duncanville, and Mansfield areas.  There is one pick-up and one drop-off location in each area. Our drivers do not leave the drop-off locations until all children are delivered to a parent or other authorized adult. The following information should answer most questions you may have about the bus service:

    • Pick-up at 7:05am and drop-off at 4:25pm (12:45pm on "Last Fridays")
    • Location:  Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot at the intersection of Hwy 26 and Glade Road
    • Address:  Wal-Mart, 4904 Highway 26, Colleyville, TX
    • Pick-up at 7:05am and drop-off at 4:25pm (12:45pm on "Last Fridays")
    • Location:  Whataburger parking lot at the intersection of Hwy 67 and Hwy 1382
    • Address:  Whataburger, 211 Highway 1382, Cedar Hill, TX (near North Clark Road)
  • Bus to MANSFIELD:
    • Pick-up at 7:10am and drop-off at 4:20pm (12:45pm on "Last Fridays")
    • Location:  Spring Creek BBQ parking lot at the intersection of Hwy 287 and Debbie Lane
    • Address:  Spring Creek BBQ, 1724 Highway 287 N, Mansfield, TX


  • COST:
    • Round trip:  $1,650.00 for the school year
    • One-way:  $1,150.00/year
    • Occasional:  $9.50 per one-way trip

Additional children in the same family receive a 50% discount on the round-trip and one-way service. If you plan to use this service, please complete a Bus Registration Form, which can be found on the website Parent Portal. Return the form to Stephanie Pham in the Business Office with a check payable to The Oakridge School, or register at the Back to School Fair on August 18. For questions, please contact Stephanie Pham at 817.451.4994 x2703 or via email at


Carpool Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Detailed carpool instructions will be shared by each division. If you have children in more than one division, you will need information that is specific to your family situation. Do not hesitate to contact your child’s Divisional Office for help navigating the system. 


Community Partners

The Community Partners program offers an easy, wonderful, and year-round way to support The Oakridge School.

Amazon: Shop and Amazon will donate a percentage of all sales to The Oakridge School. Be sure to select The Oakridge School as your charitable choice when setting up your account.


Charity Motors: Donate your car and help your favorite charity. The Oakridge School is one of the charitable organizations participating in the Charity Motors Car Donation Program. Donate a car, receive a tax deduction, and the school receives 50% of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle. Call Charity Motors at 313.933.4000.


Kroger: Kroger’s Community Rewards program will donate a percentage of your eligible purchases back to The Oakridge School. Have the cashier at Kroger scan the barcode to link your Kroger Plus Card to The Oakridge School. Please note: You must relink your card beginning July 1st for the next school year.


Office Depot: When you shop at Office Depot, The Oakridge School will get credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases to use for free supplies. We can get credit throughout the school year! Remember to give them our school ID # 70094467 or if you forget it, they will have our number at the register.


Target REDcard: The Take Charge of Education Program requires the use of one of the REDcards® which include the Target® Visa® Credit Card, Target Credit Card® or Target Check Card®. You can apply for one of these cards in stores or by visiting Every time you use one of your REDcards®, Target will donate to the Oakridge Parents’ Club an amount equal to 1% of Target Visa and Target Check Card purchases made at Target and, and 0.5% of Target Visa purchases made elsewhere. Visit to link your card to the school, listed as: Oakridge School, School ID Number 19436.


Tom Thumb: The next time you’re at Tom Thumb, pick up a Reward Card application at the courtesy booth to fill out and link your Reward Card to The Oakridge School. Tom Thumb will donate a percentage of all purchases back to our school, so be sure to use your Reward Card and the school’s number, 2969, to take advantage of this fundraising program each time you shop.



The parent directory for The Oakridge School is available online through the parent portal on the school website. Click on MyOakridge in the upper right corner to access the directory.  Each class roster is available for you to download. You may also access the directory from the Oakridge App on your smart phone.

Last Fridays and Early Out Days

Depending on the calendar, on the last Friday of the month and a few special occasions, all students are dismissed at 11:30AM (ECC and LS) or 11:45AM (MS and US), depending on the division. This is a great time to schedule doctor appointments, dentist appointments, etc. For the 2018-2019 school year, the Last Fridays/Early Out Days are August 31 (Last Friday), September 28 (Last Friday), October 19 (Homecoming), November 20 (Grandparents’ Day), December 20 (Winter Break), January 25 (Last Friday), March 29 (Last Friday), April 26 (Last Friday), and May 20 – 24 (Last Week of School).  


Learn 21

The Oakridge School provides the tools for an innovative classroom environment in which students connect, communicate, collaborate, and create.  Every student in grade 4 - 8 will receive a device to use as a learning tool throughout the school year. Division Heads will contact you regarding distribution of the devices. Upper School students bring their own devices. For specifications, see

            4th grade                    iPad Mini 4

            5 – 6 grade                  iPad Pro 9.7”

            7 – 8 grade                  iPad Pro 12.9”

            9 – 12 grade                BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop)


Lunch – Food 4 Life

All students are welcome to bring their own lunch from home. As a service and convenience, The Oakridge School has partnered with Food 4 Life as the lunch vendor.  You may set up a lunch account with Food 4 Life. You can manage your child’s account to see what has been purchased, restrict certain food items from being purchased, and add money to the account if needed. Visit or call Rosemary Palmer at 817.451.4994 x2713.

New parents are not able to set up an account by going to the website. Food 4 Life will set up an account first, and then new parents will be sent an email with a temporary password. Please expect a letter in the mail from Food 4 Life in August regarding your account.  New parents should email the information below to if you would like to set up an account before the Back to School Fair in August. 

Please include:

Parent Name
Student Name
Parent Email Address
Parent Cell Number

Oakridge App 

Make your life easier by downloading the Oakridge App in the iTunes store. You can use the app to access athletics events, the school calendar, school directory, news, media, and messages/alerts. Search “Oakridge” in the app store. You can log in using the same username and password you use for the Oakridge parent portal (My Oakridge).

Oakridge Athletic Complex

An expansion of The Oakridge School athletic facilities is underway across the street from the main campus. The school is currently fundraising for the construction of the baseball/softball complex. The Oakridge School is engaging our Owl family and friends to consider leadership gifts toward this important initiative. Naming opportunities are available as well. For more information, please contact Jon Kellam, Head of School, at 817.451.4994 x2782 or


Parent Portal (My Oakridge)

Get familiar with the Parent Portal on the Oakridge website. The Parent Portal is the password-protected portion of the Oakridge website that is personalized for you and your child. This will become an important source for class and daily information for you, and homework assignments for your MS and US student. Sign in to the “Community Login,” found by clicking on My Oakridge in the top right corner at You will use the username and password that you set up during enrollment with My Backpack.

From the Parent Portal, you can find general information about bus service, health forms, lunch account instructions, and lunch menus. You will also find links for division-specific information at Oakridge; for example, if you have a Middle School student, you can click on the Middle School tab and find information about class trips, announcements, summer reading lists, etc.  For questions about the portal, contact Michelle Vaughn at or 817.451.4994 x2740.



Visitor/parent parking is marked VISITOR in a green square on the ground and can be found in various locations on campus. Parking spaces for faculty, staff and students are assigned and marked RESERVED in a blue square on the ground. Additional reserved spaces are indicated around campus with a signpost. Please refrain from using these spaces as they are reserved at all times for our Board Chair, Volunteer Leadership and auction package winners. During special events, reserved parking near the flagpole will be made available for visitor use. Upper School students are assigned their parking spaces during the first days of classes.


PE Clothes

Lower School - Students will need a change of shoes that will be kept at school for PE and recess.

Lower House Middle School - All 5th and 6th grade students are required to wear the approved PE uniforms.  These uniforms must be purchased online at  All PE uniforms ordered online by July 31 will be distributed to the students the first week of school in their PE classes. Students will need athletic shoes that will be kept at school.

Upper House Middle School - Students may need PE clothing in addition to the athletic clothing their coach assigns according to the sport they participate in. Students will also need athletic shoes that will be kept at school.

Upper School Athletics - Students in an Upper School athletic sport will be notified by their coaches about appropriate equipment and practice uniform needs.


School Books

If you are a Middle or Upper School parent, visit to order new and used textbooks, supplemental materials, eContent, and a wide variety of free resources. The bookstore opens July 16, 2018. Free shipping is available the week of July 16-29. If you have any questions, please contact your Division Head. Lower School textbooks are provided. 


School Supplies

Requirements vary by division. For Lower School, The Oakridge Parents’ Club offers pre-packaged school supplies for purchase through School-Pak, Inc. This is offered as a convenience for parents and is not a fundraiser for the Parents’ Club. 

Early Childhood Center- All supplies will be provided by the school.

Lower School- The school supply list is posted on the parent portal.  If you prefer, you can order pre-packaged school supplies through School-Pak, Inc. You can place your order online at (select pre-packaged supplies, state-city-school, and grade) or call 866-231-9573 by July 15. Pre-ordered supplies will be waiting in your child’s classroom.  If you don’t pre-order supplies, you can bring your supplies to the Back to School Fair.   **Important to note** The pre-packaged school supplies for grades 3 and 4 will not include the zippered binder that your child will need. Please purchase this separately and have your child bring it to school on the first day of class.


Middle School- Students will be expected to have pens, pencils, paper, and an organization system of their choice (e.g., binder). Details for any additional supplies needed for a particular class will be given in the individual course syllabus during the first week of school. Students will receive an iPad Pro (grades 5 & 6 - iPad Pro 9.7” and grades 7 & 8 - iPad Pro 12.9”).  All students will be required to bring a keyboard case and a protective sleeve/bag for their iPad Pro before the device is issued.


Upper School- No additional supplies are needed prior to school start date. Once classes begin, your child will be informed of individual class needs.


School Uniforms

School uniforms must be purchased from Mills School Uniform Company at their area store (5460 E. Loop 820 S., Fort Worth, TX 76119, 817.563.7100) or online at Our school code is 252. You will find that the employees at Mills are familiar with our dress code, and they will help you make appropriate choices.

Several times throughout the year, the Oakridge Parents’ Club offers uniform resale where you may shop for gently used uniforms at a discounted rate. Your first opportunity to do so will be at the Back to School Fair. Donations of gently used uniforms are gladly accepted in the drop off container just outside the Parents’ Club building.


Summer Programs 

Many summer programs are available at The Oakridge School. We think this is a great way for your child to get familiar with the campus and to meet the faculty and their future classmates. The schedule is available online at


Summer Reading

Summer reading is required for Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students. Please contact your child’s divisional office for a summer reading list.


Volunteering at The Oakridge School

Every school needs an active group of volunteers to thrive. Serving as a volunteer is so vital to enriching your child’s experience at The Oakridge School. We hope you will take part in your child’s education by attending school events, volunteering to help with projects when needed, sponsoring activities, or joining organizations that work for the school’s benefit, such as the Oakridge Parents’ Club and The Owl Booster Club. Perhaps most importantly, volunteering is an expression of your interest in and commitment to your child’s daily life. The Oakridge School uses an online registration for volunteers to make our process more efficient, cost effective, and timely. Volunteers register online for volunteer opportunities beginning in the late summer and throughout the school year.


How to Register:

1. Go to

2. Click Volunteer Opportunities on left-hand side

3. Look over the different opportunities and then select the VOLUNTEER HERE icon at the top of the page.

4. Enter your contact information

5. Select the volunteer opportunities of interest

6. Submit



During the 2018-2019 school year, we are excited to celebrate The Oakridge School’s 40th anniversary. Some of our key events will incorporate this into their event. 


Annual Fund Kick-off (event) – September 16, 2018

The Oakridge School Annual Fund is the major fundraising priority of our school. The campaign will kick-off with a casual, social event on September 16, 2018 and you are invited to attend.  The Annual Fund is instrumental in covering the gap between the tuition dollars received and the school’s operating expenses. All monetary gifts to the Annual Fund from parents, school faculty, Board of Regents, alumni, and other Oakridge friends cover this difference each year, and unlike tuition, these gifts offer a tax-deductible opportunity to support our school. For more information about the Annual Fund contact the Development Office or visit

Homecoming – Friday, October 19, 2018
At the conclusion of spirit week, October 16-19, students and families gather for a wonderful tradition at Oakridge to celebrate Homecoming.  On Friday, October 19, 2018, students will participate in an all campus parade on Friday morning and are then dismissed at 11:30 AM. We encourage you to return to campus that evening to join us for fun with friends, food trucks, a football game, and a fireworks show.

Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day – Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Grandparents and Grandfriends are an important part of our school community. Our special guests enjoy a modified day at school, where they are given a brief overview of Oakridge, samples of our students’ wide-ranging talents, and time to observe their Oakridge student. Please contact the Development Department at 817.451.4994 to provide the school with grandparent contact information so they may be included on the invitation list.

Super Supper and Auction – Saturday, March 2, 2019
The Super Supper and Auction has been a part of The Oakridge School since it was founded in 1979. This annual event is a premier fundraising gala, generating funds for campus improvements and educational enhancements across all grade levels. Friends and family are invited to attend this gala which includes dinner, dancing, auction, tuition raffle, and much more.  Parents, staff, and friends help ensure the success of this event by donating auction items, joining the committee, reserving tables for the gala, and purchasing items in the online auction. This is an important fundraiser, and all proceeds benefit the students of The Oakridge School.

The Oakridge Golf Classic – May 2019
The Oakridge Golf Classic is the most important fundraising event for The Owl Club, the athletic booster club for The Oakridge School. Held each spring, this tournament is a four-person scramble with various hole contests and prizes. Driving range, carts, mulligans, lunch, raffles, prizes, and dinner are all part of this fun-filled, fund-raising day. All proceeds go toward improvements and additions to athletic programs at The Oakridge School.

Parent 2 Parent

Parent 2 Parent program is an opportunity for all Oakridge parents of any division as well as their friends and neighbors, to hear from experts in education, psychology, pediatric medicine, nutrition, counseling, and more. The calendar of events for the school year can be found at


Parents’ Club Events, Fundraisers and Services

Cheer & Tears, Let’s Have a Great Year (event)
Join us on the first day of school to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, and learn about the exciting volunteer opportunities in the Parents' Club this year.  This event will be held August 22 on the main campus, just after morning carpool, outside in the Oakridge Quad, located on main campus just outside the Lower School office and Student Activity Center foyer. The inclement weather location is in the Library.

Box Tops 4 Education (fundraiser)
The Oakridge Parents' Club collects Box Tops 4 Education. Please clip your Box Tops and submit them, in a bag labeled with your name, at the Back to School Fair or at any of the Divisional Offices. Box Tops turn-in dates are August 18, October 5, February 8, and April 26.


Along with a membership drive, Oakridge families can support OPC fundraising efforts through Boosterthon, OPC’s largest fundraiser that takes place August 31 – September 14. Additionally, OPC will host a ticketed, special event on September 8. Funds raised through OPC fundraising efforts are allocated back to the school based on the school’s current needs. Allocations are approved by OPC membership and school administration.


Owlfest (event)
Owlfest is a fall carnival for ECC and Lower School children held in the SAC on October 25, 4:00-6:00pm.  Children dress in costume and enjoy age-appropriate games and bounce houses for an afternoon of fun.

Holiday Treasures Gift Shop (event)
Holiday Treasures is an annual gift shop that provides an opportunity for ECC, LS, and LHMS students to shop for holiday gifts for family and friends from December 3-7.


Book Fair (fundraiser)
The Book Fair provides an opportunity for students to purchase new books while raising money for the school library January 23 through January 30, 2019.  Donuts for Dads has become a very popular event during the Book Fair. The children have an opportunity to shop with their dads in the morning before the school day begins on January 25 for ECC and January 29 for LS. All proceeds benefit the Oakridge Library.


Uniform Resale (fundraiser)

Several times throughout the year, the Oakridge Parents’ Club offers uniform resale where you can shop for gently used uniforms. Your first opportunity to do so will be at the Back to School Fair on Saturday, August 18. Donations of gently used uniforms are gladly accepted in the drop off container just outside the Parents’ Club building.


Classroom Parties (ECC and LS event)
The Oakridge Parents' Club hosts three to four parties per year for the ECC and Lower School students in their classrooms during the school day.  Volunteers are welcome and very helpful for these events. Please indicate your interest in volunteering when you complete the volunteer sign up form on the Oakridge Parents' Club website. You may choose organizing holiday parties, donating party items and food, or helping out day of the party.


Test Snacks (MS and US event)

The Oakridge Parents’ Club provides snacks for our MS and US students during end of semester exam times. Test snacks are distributed to the classroom the day before testing.


Student Socials (MS and US event)
The Oakridge Parents' Club hosts 4-5 student socials per year for Middle School and Upper School students. Socials include snack days, ice cream socials, luncheons, and dessert parties throughout the year.  Volunteers are welcome and very helpful for these events. Please indicate your interest in volunteering when you complete the volunteer sign up form on the Oakridge Parents' Club website. From organizing, donating food, or helping out day of the party, student socials need volunteer support.


Prom and After Prom (event) April 27, 2019

The Oakridge Parents' Club hosts the After Prom Party as an Upper School student lock-in to provide a fun and safe environment after prom.  Volunteers are welcome and very helpful for these events. Please indicate your interest in volunteering when you complete the volunteer sign up form on the Oakridge Parents' Club website. Volunteers shifts include assisting with registration, chaperoning, supervising activities, taking photos, and distributing door prizes. (service)
An online business directory for the Oakridge community includes parents, alumni, or friends of Oakridge. Visit for more information if you have a business to promote, or you are looking for a recommendation.



The above text is quite a bit of information to soak in. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 817.451.4994 if you have additional questions. Welcome to the Oakridge Family!

 Go Owls!

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