The FAQs on this page reflect current coronavirus protocol and resources of The Oakridge School. We will continue to update our guidance and add to these FAQs as needed. In addition to the school-wide information, please also review your city or county-specific FAQs for local guidance.

When will campus re-open?

The Oakridge School has implemented its Distance Learning Plan until at least Friday, May 1. School leaders are closely monitoring the federal and state COVID-19 response and will evaluate the re-opening of campus on a regular basis. Division heads and teachers communicate with students through email and various online communication tools, such as Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Zoom.

Whom do I contact if I have a question during Distance Learning?

The Technology Team is available to support you from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. each weekday. Please send your questions or comments to: You may direct questions about distance learning in a particular division to the appropriate division head.

What is the status of Oakridge events and field trips?

Community events, extended day/enrichment activities, fine arts performances, and athletic competitions are cancelled until further notice.

What about the status of SPC play and the spring sports season?

After exhausting all possible avenues to potentially postpone and reschedule a modified spring conference tournament, the Board of Directors of the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) unanimously decided to cancel all SPC athletic competitions for the entire spring season.

What is the type and frequency of communication that I can expect to receive from Oakridge?

  • The Head of School will communicate weekly (or more, depending on news to be shared) through email or video.  

  • Division Heads will communicate on Wednesdays.

  • Teachers are available until 4 p.m. daily, and each division has shared its office hours. Replies to messages received after 4 p.m. will go out the following day.

  • Oakridge Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are also being maintained and updated during Distance Learning. 

What do we do if we are having trouble connecting?

With the potential of multiple devices being used simultaneously in a home, bandwidth could be taxed. It will be helpful if parents monitor so that one user isn’t streaming or playing video games (Netflix, Fortnite, etc.), while another is having class via Zoom.

What is the plan for standardized testing such as the AP?

The Oakridge College Advising Office is monitoring College Board’s plans for AP testing. As of March 27, traditional AP Exams will not take place in 2020; instead, students will take a 45-minute, free-response online exam (no multiple-choice questions). The College Board has provided a detailed breakdown of what units will and will not be covered here. We will communicate other information with families once we receive updates.

How can I encourage student activity and monitor student stress?

Throughout Distance Learning, we encourage all students to exercise. This can be accomplished in numerous ways. Active play in both structured (basketball, jogging, jumping rope) and unstructured (exploring, swing set/play set, or recess-type activities) methods will help keep us healthy. This time, if scheduled daily, can also help us find our new "normal.”

In ECC, LS and MS, physical education teachers are posting lessons. If your student prefers to spend physical activity time in a different manner, that is fine. Our only hope is that all will be active. 

Please speak with your division head if you need access to one of the school counselors.

Will the nurse be available to help families during Distance Learning?

Kim Campbell-Martinez, RN, is available to answer questions and provide guidance for families that have questions or concerns.

Will Food 4 Life be available to families during Distance Learning?

Yes. Food 4 Life started a meal delivery service on Monday, March 30. Families may visit to order meals. The delivery menu will include some of your child’s favorites, as well as some of their most popular catering menu options. Meals are delivered free and may be purchased by credit card on the Food 4 Life website. 

Orders must be placed by 8 p.m. the day before delivery. (Example: meal delivery for Tuesday afternoon must be placed by Monday at 8 p.m.) 

If you have funds available in your child’s lunch account, you may use those funds in lieu of credit card payment. The full amount of your order must be available in your account. No partial payments will be accepted. If you wish to use a lunch account, your order should be emailed to and you will receive confirmation once your order is received.

What can my family or Oakridge community members do to help those in need?

While Distance Learning is a priority, our focus is also on the Oakridge community. We have launched the Oakridge Cares webpage as a resource for those in need. Please visit for more information.

What about tuition?

Our faculty and staff are committed to providing the best platform for teaching and learning. Distance learning requires an all-hands-on-deck approach with our technology team, faculty, and staff to ensure our students have the optimal learning environment at home. Teaching and learning will continue and therefore Oakridge will continue to collect tuition.

Families who are experiencing an extreme hardship due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic should contact the Chief Financial Officer, Kathy Gamill, to receive information about Financial Aid.

How can I support my children during the Distance Learning plan?

Oakridge understands that a shift to a distance learning approach will require our students and families to make adjustments. A continued partnership with parents and guardians plays a vital part in ensuring the success of the plan. Division heads, the technology department, and teachers are all available to support and guide students (and parents/guardians/caregivers) should they need help. Overall, we encourage you to embrace this time at home as a new adventure with great possibilities. Enjoy your family!

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