Jim Andersen, Head of Upper School

October 20, 2023

Dear parents,


It is difficult to believe that the year's first quarter is already behind us! As we transition to the second quarter of the year, I encourage you to have a family discussion about progress and future goals. "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." Tony Robbins

  • 1st 9-week grades
  • Parent Conference Day
  • Halloween Dress 
  • Fall Play 
  • 9th Grade Trip
  • Senior Pin and Junior Ring Ceremony
  • STEM Showcase Application 
  • Check out procedures- updated email link
  • Campus policy

1ST 9-WEEK GRADES: The first quarter grades are posted to your parent portal. This is an ideal time for you and your child to discuss his/her progress, speak with teachers at our parent conference day, and to set goals for the 2nd 9-week marking period. The first and second 9-week grades, along with the semester exam grade, are used to calculate the 1st-semester grade. The semester grade is the only one that transfers to a student's transcript and seen by colleges. Semester grades are the only ones used to calculate a student's cumulative grade point average.

PARENT CONFERENCE DAY: Parent Conference Day is Friday, October 27 in the Library. No classes are scheduled that day so that teachers are available to visit with you. You may schedule your appointment(s) here. If no slots are available to meet with a teacher, we are happy to schedule alternative times.

HALLOWEEN DRESS: Our Upper School students will enjoy a themed dress day next Tuesday, October 31.  All students are invited to wear fall colors on this day.  We will not have costumes or masks.  

FALL PLAY: Join us for an incredible theater experience as our Upper School talent presents Dracula.  This play is recommended for those 13 and older.  The run is from October 26-October 28.  You may purchase tickets here.

FRESHMAN CLASS TRIP: We are excited to spend off-campus time together with our wonderful 9th graders! Please note we will spend November 13-16 for terrific team building and relationship-building time at The Outdoor School in Marble Falls. The detailed trip letter is accessed here. The shared stories/experiences and time spent together yield benefits for years to come.  Contact Mr. Andersen immediately if there is an unavoidable conflict.  We are happy to work with you.

Ring and Pin Ceremony:  On Tuesday, October 24 all seniors will receive their Oakridge pin.  Juniors who ordered rings through Jostens have them delivered to the school.  If a junior has a ring to present not ordered through Jostens, please bring it to the Upper School office no later than Friday, October 20.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  The ceremony begins at 10:00am in the Fine Arts Performance Hall. The dress for those participating (all seniors and juniors receiving rings) is dressy.  Jackets and ties for the males and appropriate dresses for the females.

STEM Showcase Application: The 2024 STEM Showcase is now accepting applications. Complete the application here. 

CHECKOUT PROCEDURES: Anytime a student needs to leave campus early a parent must email Ms. Halbert- Blake to let the US office know. Once the office knows, the teachers are notified and then the student can dismiss from the class without disrupting the teacher and be on time for their checkout. It is best practice to give 24 hours notice. Giving less than an hour notice may result in classroom disruption and delayed dismissal. 

CAMPUS POLICY: Parents please support us in our updated security policies. All students and families must have a car tag on their rearview mirror, deliveries from outside vendors are not allowed, parents may deliver to the Admissions office and text their child to pick up delivery from the main office as soon as possible. Parents may check into the main office and then proceed to any appointments scheduled on campus. We are a closed campus. This means students may not leave for study hall and return nor may they leave for lunch and return. If they leave campus it must be with prior parental notification. Appointments should be accompanied by a note to return to school as this ensures the absence is excused.

Please note the dates for the US October Calendar:

The  Upper School Team










Please save the following dates:

  • October 24: Ring and Pin Ceremony 10am FAPH
  • October 27: Parent Teacher Conferences- (no classes)
  • October 26-28: Upper School Fall Play Dracula - Purchase your tickets here: https://theoakridgeschool.hometownticketing.com/embed/all 

  • October 27: Parent Teacher Conferences- (no classes)

  • November 13-16: 9th Grade Class Trip

  • November 16: Library closes at 4:00- Librarian’s Conference

  • November 17: Grandparents’/Grandfriends’ Day- 11:15pm dismissal- Buses depart at 11:30

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