Matt Burgy, Head of School

October 06, 2023

Dear Oakridge Family,

Oakridge- "Where everyone knows your name!"

"Norm!" Those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s can distinctly remember the jubilation from Norm's friends when he walked into Cheers. We can all remember the witty banter between the establishment's patrons, whether Norm's one-liners, Cliff's never-ending trivia, or Woody's learning of the world around him. We can all recall the song that started the show…" you want to go where everyone knows your name." We often forget that jingle's final line- "and everyone is glad you came." In many ways, the sitcom was a microcosm of the world and is even more relevant today. 

Every school has its own Homecoming traditions, and I have been fortunate to have been a part of a few schools to see them. They're all unique in their special way, but none hold a candle to an Oakridge Homecoming. Homecoming at Oakridge is not just about the game; it's not just about the tents that will line Parvin Stadium or the parade in the morning that leads us into a spirited pep rally. It's not just about the unique banners our students work so hard to produce (and the ones made this year are downright awesome!). It's not just about celebrating the 10-year reunion of the Class of 2013, the 20-year reunion of the Class of 2003, or even the 30-year reunion of the Class of 1993. It's not even about the incredible fireworks display after the game. Hundreds of Oakridge alums (of which there are over 2000 now) will join those of us here, and together, we will celebrate one thing- community. Homecoming Week is always about unity, pride, and nostalgia as we welcome back our distinguished alums, allowing them to reminisce about their memories while we continue to create our own. We want to celebrate what Oakridge means to us all and rally around our common purpose- to help our children fulfill their full potential in a place where everyone knows their name, who they are, and what they aspire to be. 

Remember that our victory goes far beyond the final score tonight. It's rooted in the unwavering strength of our community and the boundless love we share for our school's mission and vision. Get ready to cheer, celebrate, and make memories together because, with this incredible school spirit, we're already winners! Go Owls! 


Matt Burgy
Head of School