Tamika Dees, Head of Middle School

October 06, 2023


Greetings, Middle School Families, 

Homecoming 2023 is one for the books! The class posters, dress-up-themed days, parade, and pep rally truly embodied the spirit of Oakridge. 

Our students were adorable on Monday in their Barbie- Country vs Country Club gear. Students were dressed from head to toe in cowboy boots, scarves, sunglasses, and, of course, pink. Tuesday, we rocked “That Brady Bunch” by wearing styles from the 70s, such as bell-bottom pants, glittery dresses, colorful shirts, and platform shoes. We had the “Bluey blues” on Wednesday as everyone was decked out in all shades of blue, including blue hair. Thursday was ESPN day; students showed off their favorite team jerseys, socks, and hats. Finally, the ECC to Upper School students pepped up our football team for the homecoming game against Cistercian. We are looking forward to continuing the celebration tonight at 7 pm. Come out and enjoy the festivities. It is truly an event you don’t want to miss. 

On Wednesday, October 11, our 8th graders will take the PSAT 8/9 in the Upper School. The purpose of PSAT 8/9 is to establish a starting point in terms of college and career readiness as students transition to high school. It is also a way for students to practice for the PSAT/NMSQT and provide insight into the areas where a student may need to make the most score improvements before taking the PSAT/NMSQT their junior year. Please ensure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before, eats a healthy breakfast, fully charges their iPad, and brings a charger. 

Our 5th grade students will be attending the performance, Ellis Island, at the Bass Hall This is a great opportunity for our students to experience fine arts and culture outside the classroom. In addition, the 5th graders will participate in a one-day excursion to Trinity Forest Adventure Park in Dallas. The big day, Friday, October 20, is a beautiful day of learning, fun, and relaxation. Additionally, this day provides the class a chance to bond as a whole and allow students to interact with each other and teachers in a different environment. 

Our 6th graders will experience a one-day excursion to Camp Grady Spruce on Possum Kingdom Lake. The big day, Thursday, October 26, will include horseback riding, hiking, and lessons in history, geology, and earth science from the camp’s naturalists. It is a wonderful day of learning, fun, and relaxation. Additionally, this day provides the class a chance to bond as a whole. Please check your email for additional information regarding both class trips. 

With gratitude,






Please save the following dates:

  • September 15 - October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Monday, October 9: MS/US Choir Fall Concert, 7:00 p.m.

  • Wednesday, October 11: PSAT/8th Grade

  • Wednesday, October 11: 5th Grade Field Trip, Bass Hall 

  • Wednesday, October 11: MS/US Orchestra Fall Concert, 7:00 p.m. 

  • October 13 – October 16: Fall Break, No School 

  • Friday, October 20: Fifth Grade Class Trip, Trinity Forest Adventure Park  

  • Monday, October 23: Honors Geometry Field Trip, Alley Cats 

  • Thursday, October 26: Sixth Grade Class Trip, YMCA Camp Grady Spruce 

  • Friday, October 27: Parent Teacher Conferences, No School 

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