Britt Robinson, Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning, Head of Middle School

May 26, 2023

Without acknowledging a thumbs up or down for the actual music or artist, Barry Manilow’s classic, Looks Like We Made It is ringing in my ears as this year winds down. We made it to the end of another successful year!

On behalf of our Middle School faculty, we are grateful for our continued partnership and wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer that promotes a slower pace for you and your family. As you plan for next school year at your leisure, I have included a link to next year’s school calendar- 2023-2024 Oakridge School Calendar (please note that this is a revised calendar from the one previously made available).

As you launch into summer, please take a moment to view pictures of our future mathematicians, scientists, and engineers as they worked on real-world problems during their class projects.

Mrs. Benefield’s Honors Pre-Algebra and Pre-Algebra Surface Area Projects

Mr. Henderson’s and Mr. Pham’s Fifth Grade Rocket Launch

1. When are semester grades and final report cards coming out?

Final report card grades, including semester exam grades will be posted to My Backpack by Friday, June 2. The Middle School will mail the latest Milestone testing results and a copy of the final report card the week of June 6.

2. As a family, we encourage our children to utilize the available summer reading and summer math resources. How do I access these resources?

While not required, we do encourage and recommend that our students stay sharp with their reading and math skills over the summer. The recommended list of books for summer reading will be available next week. Similarly, our math teachers have created an optional set of practice math problems (answers included) for students to solidify the math skills they are expected to know in their next grade level. Some students received these optional packets last week during class. If your child did not receive one and you are interested, please reach out to your child’s teacher or the Middle School Office.

3.  Can I still order a yearbook for my fifth or sixth grader?

Yes! To order, please drop off a check to Mrs. Wetzel along with your child’s name. Yearbooks are $65. Yearbooks are provided for the current seventh and eighth graders. Yearbooks will be given to students early next school year.

4. As the school year wraps up, is there a way to sell back our used textbooks?

Yes, this flyer will give you instructions on how to sell back your textbooks.

5. Are there any recommended health and wellness resources that might benefit my family? 

As we head into summer, our school counselor, Cortney Edwards, has provided families a list of mental health resources-  Health and Wellness Resource.

6. As the school year wraps up, is there a way to sell back our used textbooks?

Yes, Oakridge will once again be participating in the AOA Sports Physical Event on June 3rd from 9 am-10 am. This event will be free of charge for all participating student-athletes. We ask that each student-athlete please bring the necessary physical forms filled out prior to being seen by our physicians. This way it expedites the process and we are able to get the student-athletes moved through each examination quickly. The Cody Stephens Foundation will also be offering free heart screenings. 

Oakridge School's Time Slot- 9:00 am -10:00 am

As always, please email me if you have additional questions.

Kind regards,


Britt Robinson
Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning
Head of Middle School