Year End Giving


There is still time to give. We invite parents, grandparents, alumni parents and alumni who have not made a gift or pledge to support the school at Every donation is fully tax-deductible and directly helps our students and faculty at The Oakridge School. Please consider making a special year-end gift. 

Please note: to be entered toward your 2022 giving history, gifts must be submitted for processing before  Dec. 27 at 2pm. Gifts submitted after Dec. 27 at 2pm will be processed as a 2023 donation. 

The Oakridge Fund is not only important, it is essential  for our school to be successful. The Oakridge Fund is unrestricted giving that allows us to look at the school annually and make strategic choices on the area of greatest need for our school. 

This year, we have identified three significant areas in which The Oakridge Fund is supporting:

Securing our Future- 100% of our security upgrades, including the addition of essential staffing, are provided through The Oakridge Fund.

Inspiring Excellence- Now more than ever, our students must be engrossed in an environment where they are not only taught to master their academic subjects but empowered to think ethically, critically, and creatively about a myriad of issues. We have addressed these needs with The Oakridge Fund, which has provided additional staffing in key areas- Fine Arts, Modern Learning, and Counseling.

Instilling Passions- By supporting The Oakridge Fund, you help us fund the most valuable investment we can make in our faculty: professional development. The Oakridge Fund supports 100% of our professional development. 

We are almost there!  We are very close to achieving our goal of $475,000. Exceeding that goal can create many more opportunities for us! Please help us finish the campaign by donating to The Oakridge Fund!