The Oakridge Fund



Dear Oakridge Friends,

We are the Hernandez family, and we have been at Oakridge since our twin sons, Gavin and Benjamin, started at the ECC in preschool. They are now seventh graders this year and as we reflect on how time flies we are filled with gratitude for the community and team spirit we have at Oakridge. 

One of the treasured traditions at Oakridge that exemplifies this is the senior buddy program. Unbelievably, our twin sons in kindergarten were matched with twin brothers for their buddies! That connection grew into a lifelong friendship between two families that was instrumental in guiding us in the journey of making the most out of our Oakridge experience. 

This is just one example of the relationships that families form at Oakridge and how small interactions can make big impacts. We tell everyone that Oakridge is a Team: a community that supports each other and the growth of our children. The Oakridge Fund is one of the foundations of this Team and it is critical for the growth and development of the school, our educators, and the experiences of our children. 

This year, we will be focusing our Oakridge Fund efforts into a consolidated, 5-week campaign called TEAM OAKRIDGE, all in for 100%. This condensed, 5-week effort, in September and October has one focused goal: reaching 100% participation of Oakridge families, faculty and staff, and board of regents. This shortened time frame will allow our community to focus the remainder of the year on building relationships within our community, strengthening our team. With 100% participation, we can achieve goals that were previously just ideas. 

In the weeks to come, you will be hearing from Oakridge Fund Coaches with more information on how to join TEAM OAKRIDGE. We truly hope you feel like you are part of the Oakridge family, this team, as much as we do and that you will consider participating in Team Oakridge so we can continue to strive for excellence for our school and for our children. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! All in for 100%!

With gratitude, 
Jenn, Omar, Gavin, and Benjamin Hernandez


Oakridge Fund Volunteers