The Owl Club


The Owl Club’s mission is to promote school spirit, character  development, and the physical well-being of our students   through financial and other forms of support for Physical   Education and Athletic programs in every division.

The Owl Club raises money through memberships, concession   sales and through merchandise sales from the Spirit Store. The Spirit Store is located on the main campus next to the Library and is open throughout the year.

Our online store is always open at: Additionally,  merchandise will be on sale at the Back-to-School Picnic and other special events. 

Fundraising & Volunteer Opportunities

The Owl Club

Dennis Brown
(817) 891-0263  

Spirit Store
Jennifer Tompkins

Golf Classic:   
Liz and Ben Hicks, Dennis Brown

 Kevin Long,
Lauren Matocha, Shawn Meadows,
Reda Petraitis, Jennifer Tompkins