2023 - 2024 School Year

Dear Oakridge Families,

As I watch my children grow and discover the world, I am constantly reminded of the innocence and magic that childhood holds. It is our responsibility as parents to honor and protect this time in our children’s lives. My research and career have given me an inside look into the weight and influence our children’s environment and the community they develop in has on their emotional and academic success.

As President of the OPC (2023-2024) this year, my goal is to show every family that Oakridge CARES and that every child and family is instrumental to our well-being as a whole. A domino effect occurs when a community comes together with kindness as the guiding light and respect as the glue that holds it together. Our children are in a chaotic and confusing world, and getting involved is how we unite to show them how to navigate relationships and positively contribute to our communities.

I hope that every Oakridge family will join us as a member of the OPC to model to our children
what unity is and how to work together to foster the fantastic events and activities we will be
holding this year. You can read about the many volunteer opportunities. It is not about time or money; it is about doing what you can when you can,
but most importantly, knowing that you belong and that we are a united community. In
addition to our general board meetings, I hope to see you at our monthly coffee meetup, yoga
on the lawn, and our quarterly educational series featuring topics such as emotional
intelligence, mindfulness for parents, and much more.

The OPC Executive Board and I are a text, phone call, or email away so never hesitate to reach
out to say hi or ask a question!

Tatiana Miller
2023 - 2024 President


2023-2024 Executive Board

President - Tatiana Miller

President Elect - Position Open

Membership and Volunteers VP - Melissa Kocher

Engagement VP - Joyce Maddalena

Special Events VP - Shelley Hodges

Division Activities VP- Cindy Pettigrew

Communications VP - Leslie LeMond

Treasurer - Meghan Najera

Secretary - Keirschen Tucker

Parliamentarian - Noelle Slater

General Officers

Back to School Fair
Ebony Calbert

Book Fair
Lauren Brennan
Shelley Hodges

Liz Hicks
Rachel Richardson

Cheers and Tears
Jamie and Walter Leon

ECC Divisional Activities
Bryan Minhinnette
Sonia Pierce

Holiday Treasures
Haley Harmon

Lower School Divisional Activities
Julie Frayer
Kari Sargent

Middle School Divisional Activities
Heather Clayton
Kim Eden

Johanis Colon
Jamie Ghormley
Haley Shimek


School Supplies
Haley Harmon

Teacher Appreciation (ECC)
Lauren Morris
Madison Turner

Teacher Appreciation (LS/MS/US)
Cindy Pettigrew
Jenn Hernandez

Test Snacks
Deme Cleveland

Uniform Resale
Taylor Lawrence
Kristen Blackledge 

Upper School Divisional Activities
Terri Frank

Susan Jones