Public Speaking

Owls Speak Out


In an increasingly digital era where tech savviness is being developed at the expense of traditional skills associated with small- and large-group interactions, the Owls Speak Out public speaking initiative is a critical element of an Oakridge student’s education.

For the culmination of Owls Speak Out, current seniors work in groups of five to six students on a project of their choosing, and then each group presents their project to the student body, speaking about the process and outcomes of their work. The unique nature of each group leads to innovative projects that range from social service to documentary to career shadowing and beyond. The collaborative and cosmopolitan nature of these varied activities prepares students for the collegiate and professional environments they face later.

Through this experience, students are pushed to grow in each area of the six C’s:

  • Character

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Cosmopolitanism

  • Critical thinking, and

  • Creativity 

The program, empowering and introspective, prepares each student to be successful in whatever endeavor he or she chooses after graduation.

Student participating in Children of the World program.

Owls Speak Out is one facet of a campus-wide public speaking initiative. In ECC and Lower School, speaking is presentation- and performance-based. The passion-based talk in Lower School is connected to Diffendoofer Day, an annual showcase of student interest and talent. 

Middle School students engage in public speaking through what has become a popular tradition in the Middle School, the Children of the World Project in sixth grade. Eighth grade students learn research, collaboration, presentation, and public speaking skills through their Capstone Speech experience. By the time students are seniors, Owls Speak Out represents a body of public speaking experiences from ECC through grade 12.