Board of Regents

Meet the Chairman

Jim Haddock has been associated with The Oakridge School since 2008 and has served as a Regent since 2012.  In August 2018, Jim was named Chairman of the Board of Regents.  Prior to being appointed Board Chair, Jim was Chairman of the Finance Committee for two years. He also served on the Building and Grounds, Long Range Planning, Development, Regents and Executive Committees.  Jim, with his wife, Lara, served as Annual Fund Chairs in 2012.

Jim and Lara are the proud parents of Jack ’22, Kate ’25, and James, a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas. The family of five enjoys traveling and attending athletic events.

Jim treasures the time he has spent coaching his three children in youth sports. He also enjoys hunting and fishing.  With more than 20 years of experience in real estate, Jim is President of Haddock Interests, a real estate development company focused on land development, home building and investments. 

2020-2021 Regents


Graduation Years
of their Children



Graduation Years
of their Children

Kelly Broadus

Caroline '17
Quinn '22


Nancy O’Shea,
Lifetime Member

John '86
Heather '88
Erin '92

Don Duke

Olivia '16


John Petersen

Landry '14
Delaney '16
Joey '18
Mia '22

Richard Enos

Nathan '03
Alexander '05
Susannah '07


Charles Pierson 

Janae '19
Carl '22

Jim Haddock,

Jack '22
Kate '25


Dana Queenan

Kevin '04
Corinne '10

Cathy Handy

Brenton '15
Taylor '22


Don Starnes,
Lifetime Member
Susie '90

Michael Heiskell

Marin '96
James '01
Michael '18
Mason '20


Ron Widup Dylan '19
Cody '25

Scott Howell

Harrison  '19


Matt Worthington '98 Reese '24
Cole '26
Price '30

Mark Jones

Austin '27

Larraine LaRovere 

Christopher '18
Niccolo '18
Marco '24




Victoria Myers


Kyle '29




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Nancy O'Shea, a lifetime member of the Board of Regents, discusses the early days of Oakridge and our school mission.

Dr. Richard Enos, a retired Oakridge Regent, Alumni Parent, and TCU Professor, reflects on our school's mission, which seeks to bring out the best version of each and every student.

It takes commitment to achieve almost anything, including opening a new school. Founding Parent Susy Sportsman discusses the dedicated individuals who gave their all to Oakridge.

Retired Head of School and President Andy Broadus is known for his favorite word, empathy. Listen to why he says that one word will never let you down.