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Oakridge teachers attend International Think Tank
07/25/2014 2:25 PM











In 2014-15, The Oakridge School begins its 2nd year of a 1:1 program, which places devices in students' hands. The intent continues as last year: using technology to enhance the learning experience.

To meet the needs of educators, administrators, technology integrationists, and technology support staff, the 2014 Lausanne Learning Institute in Memphis recentlyconvened. All Oakridge upper school faculty for grades 9-12 (pictured) attended the 2014 institute in preparation for students receiving their new Lenovo ThinkPad Yogas, which are included in tuition.

As a "school of the future," Oakridge also sent teachers to facilitate sessions covering the following topics: "Ten Things That Don't Belong in a School of the Future;" "Civil War 2.0;" and, "Math Field Trips and Tech Ideas." This is the 2nd consecutive year that Oakridge teachers attended the Lausanne institute.

If you are still seeking a dynamic educational environment for your child, contact The Oakridge School today.

How to Avoid Summer Drift
06/27/2014 10:27 AM

The traditional school calendar of attending school from Labor Day to Memorial Day is based on an era in our history when demand for farm labor took precedent. Summer time is now a time for rest and relaxation, yet many families and schools realize that this may disrupt the goal of developing an appreciation for life-long learning.

Students who thirst for learning need to have their curiosity and sense of wonder nourished. If they dont maintain good habits and stay sharp, they may get lost in a malaise known as summer drift.

Summer is a great time to learn new things that are not part of the traditional curriculum. Good sports camps or summer programs help students gain experience and confidence. Registration is open. If you are still looking for ways to give your child a fulfilling summer, please check out the summer programs as well as the academic program at The Oakridge School.


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